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To register a trademark in Pakistan was never so easy. Using the United Legal Experts online platform gives you the facility to file the trademark in Pakistan with zero hassle. With a simple 3 step questionnaire, you can file your trademark now with just a click.



Comprehensive Trademark Search

Trademark Application Preparation

Government Fee Added for 1 Class

Refusal Risk Assessment

Response to Normal Office Action

Response to Serious office Actions

Domain Name Registration (Standard)

Additional Classification Strategies

Brand Protection Strategies for Trademark Usage

E-Commerce Brand Strategies

Issuance of Registration Certificate

Post 6 months Brand Protection Consultation



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For Trademark Registration in Pakistan you must provide the information for the goods or services, wether you are using your trademark already or you have planned to start your business for the goods. This would help us to understand your business model and your brand categories.

Design Logo or Word

You can either file a logo trademark of just a word or both in one application. However, if you have a logo and word separately than the best option is to file them separately.

Steps for Trademark Registration in Pakistan

  • Comprehensive Search
  • Filing of Application
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Publication in office gazette
  • Printing in Trademarks Journal.
  • Opposition period (30 DAYS)
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate if not Opposed by the third party.
  • Maintenance after Registration
  • Renewal of the Registration (after 10 years)

Getting Domain

Once you are ready to register the trademark. After the comprehensive search report, we will provide you with the information on whether to file the trademark or not, if its approved by our team, you may get the domain name of your trademark so no one else may violate your intellectual property rights once your trademark will be registered. It is important to purchase the relevant domain right away in order to fully protect your intellectual property rights and avoid becoming a victim of cybersquatting.

Trademark Law in Pakistan for Protection of IP Rights

With the promulgation of Trade Marks Ordinance 2001, the Trade Marks Registry brought a new ERA of the importance of Intellectual Property Rights. Since then, the awareness is growing more and more in Pakistan regarding the protection of trademark rights. Trade Marks Ordinance 2001 deals with the remedies regarding the protection of Intellectual Property Rights in case of violation of any registered trademark.

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