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To file a trademark in the United Kingdom, you do not need to use the trademark before in commerce or anywhere offline, unlike in the USA. Once you decided the name and completed the comprehensive search analysis. You can proceed with the trademark registration in the United Kingdom. You will have a period of 5 years after registration of your trademark in the United Kingdom, in which you can start using the trademark anytime.

Quick Overview

One of the most effective ways to get protection for your business in the United Kingdom is Trademark registration through the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office. A person may get the protection of an unregistered trademark in the United Kingdom as well which will start from the day of using the trademark. For unregistered trademark, you cannot use ™ or ® with the trademark. The unregistered trademark can be enforced in the UK under the law of passing off. However, the unregistered trademark may not be claimed on any of the online platforms, for example, Amazon, eBay, Walmart or other online marketplaces. The better protection is to get your trademark registered properly so you may claim your trademark anywhere online or offline and may use ® with your trademark which may be aware to the third parties of your trademark protection rights.   Until the Brexit second phase will be complete, UK trademarks shall have the same protection in Europe as in the United Kingdom. However, the protection in Europe for UK trademarks is yet to be decided until December 2020, on the other hand, the UK will continue to give protection to European Trademarks in the UK.   The procedure of trademark registration in the United kingdom is simple like other few countries. However, the procedure likelihood of confusion may be decided by third parties. The procedure of registration in the United Kingdom may be considered as one of the fastest processes as compared to the other national intellectual property offices (IPO Offices).

Following are the Steps for Trademark Registration in the UNITED KINGDOM

  • Search before the filing of Application
  • Filing of Application.
  • Preliminary Examination.
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Order for Publication by Registrar
  • Notification to third parties if similar trademarks found
  • Printing in Trademarks Journal.
  • Opposition (60 DAYS)
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate if not Opposed by the third party.
  • Renewal of the Registration (after 10 years)

Law of Trademarks in the United Kingdom

In UK trademark law is governed under the Trademark Act 1994, the Trademark regulation 2018 (Trademark directive (2015/2436) and the trademark regulation (2017/1001)


The relevant authorities are the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (the “UKIPO”), the High Court of England and Wales, the court of session in Scotland and the High Court of Northern Ireland.

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