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Trademark Registration in USA was never so easy. Now you can file the trademark using a simple form in 3 steps. You can file either design, word, or both in one single application. We assure you to give you the best solution and advice for your business protection.



Comprehensive Trademark Search

Trademark Application Preparation

Government Fee Added for 1 Class

Refusal Risk Assessment

Response to Normal Office Action

Response to 2d office Actions

Domain Name Registration (Standard)

Standard Website Development

Submission of Statement of Use (SOU)

SOU Gov Fee

Issuance of Registration Certificate

Post 6 months Brand Protection Consultation



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Steps for Trademark Registration in USA

  • Comprehensive Search
  • Filing of Application
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Publication in office gazette
  • Printing in Trademarks Journal.
  • Opposition period (30 DAYS)
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate if not Opposed by the third party.
  • Maintenance after Registration
  • Renewal of the Registration (after 10 years)

To file a Trademark application in the USA, it requires information related to goods and services classification for which the mark will be used. At the time of filing trademark application you must provide the information whether you are already using the trademark in commerce or you are intending to use it in future. If you are intending to use the trademark in future, you will have to file the Statement of Use once the Notice of Allowance will be issued. If you are already using the Trademark, you must provide the first use of the trademark in commerce date or anywhere, whether the trademark is a word, logo, slogan or its combined.

Trademark must use in Commerce

If you did not start using the Trademark and you planned to start using it in 5-6 months, you can choose the professional Package and our special development team will create a website for you which will meet the requirements. This includes a standard website. For more details Click Here


Initially, after 3 months you will be issued with the examination reports which will give you the clear picture of expected trademark approval status.

The average time line is 6-12 months, if no opposition arises.

You can choose either choose 1(a) Already in use , for which you have to provide the date of first use and proof of use which includes online links and product pictures taken from mobile or 1(b) intend to use (statement of use) in which you may submit the proof of use within the period of 5-6 months if trademark examination and no opposition arise.

Yes, you can get an extension for 6 months for a continuous period of 36 months.

You cannot register the trademarks that are mere descriptive, contradict the American standards, the trademarks which cause public disorder, generic terms used in our daily life, state names, national flags, emblems of international organizations, marks that do not demonstrate distinct characteristics, geographical indication and location names.

Once the trademark passes through the examination process, the application may get published for thirst party opposition for 30 days which may be extended by a third party if extension will be taken from the Tribunal Board.

The trademark may be valid for 10 years, however you have to file the maintenance after 6 year, 8 years and 10 years.

Yes, we provide Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) services including Arbitration, mediation and negotiations which may be cost effective for you.

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