Trademark Search

Trademark search is one of the important step before filling a trademark. 

Select the mark

The registration application process begins with the selection for the mark that you will use. The mark could eligible for registration against a brand name if it is distinctive, unique name, shape, or sound. It may be arbitrary or fanciful, suggestive, descriptive, and generic. Along with this, the mark should mean to use for commerce rather than personal use. Commerce in the context, includes territorial commerce (selling of goods and/or services within the state only), interstate commerce (selling of goods and/or services across state lines), and commerce between the US and foreign countries.

Trademark Search

Once you created your brand name, you need to ensure that you will register an unregistered mark. This requires some digging through the existing trademarks database with the IPO offices. In USA trademark database can be search through the Search Tool. An easy approach to discover any trademarks, likely to cause confusion with yours, is through design search codes and classes. Though the search needs to be done by a highly skilled professional who would understand how the search is done assuming is several other aspects.

TM Search through Professionals

Not everyone can perform the trademark search. While searching one should consider all areas which may take sometime to perform global database search as well. however, in most cases local jurisdictions searches are enough but this depends on the expert opinion 

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