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    Based on my extensive knowledge; I can provide you a winning & profitable Product hunting services keeping in view all the fundamental rules listed below:


    It’s no secret that everyone is looking for the proverbial “golden egg,” the perfect product, or the one that will change their lives. Guess what, though? This product will not materialize before you in a miraculous way, nor will someone ever arrange it on a platter for you. You will need to wade through the more than 500 million products on Amazon and then come to a well-informed conclusion.  These are some essential guidelines for finding a successful and lucrative commodity on this ocean.


    Finding a product with a high or even modest demand is crucial. What is meant by that? How long it takes for your product to sell out after it’s listed for sale on your Amazon site will depend on demand. Think of demand as a river’s flow, with a unique flow for each product niche. You would like to take pleasure in a canoe trip where the water moves at an exceptional speed, one that would carry you to your objective swiftly without tipping you over en route.

    In order to determine whether this will be the best market for us to enter, I will also be examining our competitors and the total number of competitors. It is reasonable to draw a comparison between the number of competitors and the river’s depth. Thus, for your product to become visible, it would need to swim farther to the surface.

    In order to stand out from the crowd, you should ideally go for a product with a high sales velocity by default and a small number of vendors. Regardless of the product you ultimately decide on, you will need to create a comparable plan to get it onto the first page. Let’s now address the most pressing issue: how can we determine the demand “exactly”? The short answer is “I cannot.” I can only offer an estimate, make reasonable predictions using a variety of methods, and gauge the amount of demand through a variety of channels. For cross-checking many factors, the most well-known tool that is advised by all experts is the Jungle Scout (JS) Chrome Extension, Helium 10, Viral Lauch, and Merchant Words. 


    In terms of significance and applicability, this should come in second on your checklist. Always approach keyword search volume in the same manner that a sales and marketing professional would approach foot traffic in a marketplace or mall. The likelihood that the product will be sold and seen to be in high demand increases with the number of customers who visit the mall or, in our instance, search for the phrase (wide or specific).

    There are numerous programs available that display keywords along with various forms of data sharing. I usually urge my clients to look into how various apps are obtaining their data and to utilize “authentic” tools. A premium tool that will support you with Product Hunting, Backend Keywords, PPC Campaigns & Bidding, Product Titles, Product Features, and other aspects of your Amazon journey.


    1. Jungle Scout
    2. Helium10
    3. Viral Launch
    4. Merchant Words
    5. ManyChat
    6. Pixelfy
    7. Microsoft Office and Google Sheets

    In addition to aforesaid Product Hunting, I also provide the following services at competitive rates:

    1.     Management of Amazon Seller Central Account;
    2. Product Hunting;
    3. Keyword Research
    4. Product Sourcing
    5. Inventory Management
    6. Listing Creation and Optimization
    7. Enhancement of Suppressed Listings
    8. Product Ranking Thru Amazon (PPC, Early Review Program, Digital Coupons)
    9. Advertisement of your Product outside the Amazon
    10. Order Management and Customer support (email and live chat)
    11. Removing negative comments for account health
    12. Bookkeeping and record handling

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