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Steps for Trademark Registration in Germany

  • Comprehensive Search
  • Filing of Application
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Publication in office gazette
  • Printing in Trademarks Journal
  • Opposition period (30 DAYS)
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate if not Opposed by the third party
  • Maintenance after Registration
  • Renewal of the Registration (after 10 years)

To register a trademark in Germany, the application should be filed with the DPMA , an IPO office of Germany. The application is filed in German and foreign nationals should file the application through Attorneys. The process of a trademark in Germany is fast, however, the office does not conduct the substantive examination. 

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Trademark Process

The process of a trademark in Germany is fast as compared to other countries. There is no substantive examination conducted for prior trademarks but only for distinctiveness.  

Trademark Registration 

If the application met the basic acceptance requirement, the trademark will get registered and published in the gazette (Markenblatt) for 3 months after which a certificate will be issued if no one opposed. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The initial process takes 1-4 weeks for initial examination.  
The trademark gets register in 3-4 months if no one opposes the trademark. 
The trademark office DPMA language is German. 
No, the certificate will be issued once the publication period will be completed and no one opposed the trademark.  
You cannot register the trademarks that are merely descriptive, the trademarks which cause public disorder, generic terms used in our daily life, state names, national flags, emblems of international organizations, marks that do not demonstrate distinct characteristics, geographical indication, and location names.
The trademark gets published for 90 days in the official gazette. 
The trademark validity in Germany is 10 years. 
No, in order to get the EU protection, you should file a trademark with EUIPO

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