Trademark Registration

Trademark is a word, logo design, symbol, a phrase that identifies specific goods or services. Trademark gives lawful rights to the owner of the Trademark from being copied or infringed by any other person. A person can get benefit from the registration for his life if he meets the legal statutory requirements. 

Unique Brand Name

The first step to register a trademark is to decide a unique name for your brand. It is important to decide a brand name that must be unique and your own creation. However, you can register the brand name which is already in the market but that trademark is used for different goods or services. It is still subject to the availability of that name in your jurisdiction. The best practice is to create your own brand name in which you will be investing money and time. This practice would save you from several upcoming infringement issues. Spending considerable time at this stage would ease your path to trademark registration in any country.

First Important Step

Search for a Trademark before registering it, is equally important in order to save your time and money. Once you decide your logo or word for your brand or company and you are ready to register them, you should search for the trademark before proceeding further. Comprehensive Trademark search is one of the most important steps you should take before proceeding for trademark registration. This would give you the probability of whether you would be facing any conflict in the future or not. Whether the IPO authority will most likely issue an objection on the basis of the likelihood of confusion or not. In simple words, it will save your money and time. 

After Comprehensive Search

Once the comprehensive search is completed, you can proceed with the trademark application. Getting the trademark application filed by the right person and in the right manner is the most important thing. This would give you the probability of your trademark acceptance. Only a professional trademark lawyer can file the trademark application in the right manner which is why you should always choose to file the trademark through professional lawyers. 

Many countries give the option of filing a trademark by yourself yet it is hard to file the trademark successfully for the individuals because of the lack of legal knowledge and complexities involved in the procedure and laws which results in wasting time and money.

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