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Trademark registration in Europe gives protection in all the 28 European Union Countries. The office of the European Union Intellectual Property Office is the organization that governs all trademark and design-related matters. The EUIPO covers the United Kingdom and also gives protection to the United Kingdom’s trademark in the European Union. However, the situation is a little different after the Brexit Declaration. There is no protection of unregistered trademarks in the European Union like the United Kingdom where unregistered trademarks get protection under the law of passing off. Even if the trademark is unregistered, it will have no protection if it is not registered in the European Union. Trademark registration is one of the most effective ways to get brand protection in Europe. One can also get protection through applying directly to the countries but that will not give protection to other European countries.

Fast Track Applications

We file all trademark applications through Fast Track Service which means you will receive the trademark registration with the shortest period of time under the law if not opposed by any party. We file applications through the best European Lawyers who handle your brand name carefully and guide you through the whole process.

Examination Process

The examination process usually takes 7-14 days from the date of the application once filed. However, if you lose the status of Fast Track, the examination period may take around 30-45 days. If you will be issued with any objection or office action, you have t respond and meet the requirements in a timely manner, in order to avoid abandoning your trademark application.

Opposition Period

Once the trademark passed through the examination process, the trademark application get published for third party opposition for a period of 90 days. If you clear the opposition period without any notice of opposition, you will be issued with the registration certificate. However, if you receive any Notice of Opposition than separate proceedings will be initiated.

Following are the Steps for Trademark Registration in EUROPE

  • Search before the filing of Application
  • Filing of Application
  • Preliminary Examination
  • Response to Examination Report (If any Objections)
  • Publication in office gazette
  • Notification to third parties if similar trademarks found
  • Printing in Trademarks Journal.
  • Opposition period (90 DAYS)
  • Issuance of Registration Certificate if not Opposed by the third party.
  • Renewal of the Registration (after 10 years)

Getting Domain

Once you are ready to register the trademark. After the comprehensive search report, we will provide you with the information on whether to file the trademark or not, if it’s approved by our team, you may get the domain name of your trademark so no one else may violate your intellectual property rights once your trademark will be registered. It is important to purchase the relevant domain right away in order to fully protect your intellectual property rights and avoid becoming a victim of cybersquatting.

Trademark Law of the European Union

The European Union trademark regulations deal with the trademark laws in Europe.

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